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If there is one product that I most frequently recommend in conversation with friends, readers, or anyone else, it is oils in their infinite usefulnes(...)

Lip balm soothes the most sensitive part of the face during the freeze and fluctuation of winter and through the aggression of summer sun. Photograph: iStock

Lip balm is a product that I am never without, but I have a slight love-hate relationship with it. It soothes the most sensitive part of the face duri(...)

Despite the schismatic weather we have been subjected to over the past weeks, it is in fact spring. It is a relief that everything starts to lighten a(...)

Florence Adepoju: a rarity in directing both the science and the creative aesthetic of MDMflow

I met Florence Adepoju in a London cafe a couple of years ago, when she was 24, and was struck by her poise and determination. She had recently got he(...)

If you are in the market for a bargain or seven, don’t move. The best of the sales are online. File photograph: iStock

So we survived Christmas. Our collective blood runs thick and crumbly with stuffing, and our complexions have the sticky glaze of all the ham we ate. (...)

In terms of makeup and skincare, 2017 has been one of the best. File photograph: Getty Images

We can generally agree that 2017 was a bit of a dog’s dinner of a year. However, in terms of makeup and skincare, it has been one of the best. Major n(...)

Good skincare should look nice, smell if not good then at the very least inoffensive, and feel pleasant to use. All of these characteristics, however,(...)


Autumn hair expresses all of our inner dissatisfaction with the weather by growing in girth rather than length and blocking the light, like a wayward (...)


Body products must always be functional first, lovely second. The best of them will work hard for you while giving a pleasant sensory experience, but (...)

Nails Inc. The Gel Switch Manicure (€49 from Brown Thomas Beauty Lounge, €55 for pedicure)

Summer is a very unIrish time in the beauty calendar. Of course Irish people come in a variety of skin shades and tones, but the majority of us with p(...)

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