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Samuel Beckett Theatre, Dublin ★★★★★ Choreographer John Scott doesn’t do formality. He prefers puzzling ambiguity over hand-holding narrative. Hi(...)

It is late evening. The rain falls as though suddenly discovering an almighty passion for earth. And the wind howls with the wail-full rage of a reje(...)

Should you ever require an Oscar winner to compile cheat notes for a play, might we point you towards Geoffrey Rush, an actor who can make you rethin(...)

I was recently described by artist Bobby Ballagh on The Late Late Show as “a fool”. He went on to say he was a friend of mine, to lend the description(...)

Joanna Keane with her Presentation Tralee English class. Photograph:  Domnick Walsh/Eye Focus

‘Yeah, you know her. The one with the brown hair from Kerry. WB Yeats’s daughter.” About 25 years ago in Limerick, two students were looking for me(...)

I’m not sure we learn anything from the arts – except that we need them more than ever. They are a way of knowing unlike all the others, a knowing th(...)

Gregory Peck  as Atticus Finch with Mary Badham as Scout and Phillip Alford as Jem in To Kill A Mockingbird, directed by Robert Mulligan. Photograph: Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

Fathers, as with all manner of human matter, come in many levels of loving and connected such as Bob Cratchit in the Dickens classic A Christmas Carol(...)

Blaming the messenger?

Sir, – Richard Pine (Letters, July 23rd) appears to believe that because his grandmother was an invalid for most of her life, her doctor, the crickete(...)

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West attending a basketball match in 2012. Their visit to Ireland is a ‘global story’, apparently. Photograph: Getty

Not since Shergar went missing has a search of the Irish countryside generated as much interest as the hunt for Kimye, the uber-celebrity couple who a(...)

James Joyce: ‘A writer who wore language like a straitjacket, trying to burst his way out in every cadence.’ Photograph: Lipnitzki/Roger Viollet/Getty Images

I went to London last week on a flight dominated by about half a dozen Dubliners in tracksuits shouting at each other across the heads of other pas(...)

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