Irish IPAs: White Hag’s Fionn double IPA; Outlier, by Larkin’s Bewing; and Dot Brew’s So Far So Good

Session beers can be a bit unpredictable when it comes to alcohol content, though they should really be between 3 and 4.5 per cent. They should also b(...)

Photo of a multi generation family having a celebratory toast over  Thanksgiving dining table, during dinner

The easiest way to go about pairing beer with your Christmas dinner is to think about matching intensities. If you’re going for a light starter, serve(...)

Whiplash Beer Limited brought the proceedings against The Dublin Lager Company Limited. Photograph: iStock

A High Court dispute between two craft beer-brewing firms is to go to mediation. Whiplash Beer Limited brought the proceedings against The Dublin La(...)

The dispute concerns two brewing companies that share a premises in Co Wicklow. Photograph: iStock

An award-winning brewer has been “locked out” of the premises where his company manufactures its craft beers, the High Court has heard. Alex Lawes, w(...)

Three to try: Larkins’ new lager,  Rascals Raspberry Sundae IPA and Whiplash’s  American wheat beer

What do you do with your empty beer cans? Toss them on the grass if you’re Don Draper in that famous episode of Mad Men, where he takes his family for(...)