Kevin Lagan has just sold most of his business for € 526 million - in cash - and will retain the homebuilding arm.

A rich list published earlier this year put the combined wealth of the Belfast-born Lagan brothers, Kevin and Michael, at some € 1.3 billion. But the (...)

The Lagan Construction Group has said there is a possibility that some of the jobs under threat could be transferred to joint venture partners and that some employees might also be relocated to other divisions within the organisation.

The Lagan Construction Group has appointed administrators to four of its companies which could put 200 jobs under threat. The group, which is made up(...)

The case focuses on an investment programme for upgrading water quality and supply across Northern Ireland. Photograph: iStock

A contractor has taken legal action over its failed bid to secure a £130 million (€150 million) deal to refurbish Northern Ireland’s water systems. (...)