Hone your creative skills by planting a living willow structure such as a dome, arch or arbour. Photograph: iStock

1. Make some leaf mould As autumn leaves come tumbling down, now is the time to put that natural beauty to good use in your garden or allotment. Leaf(...)

Lockdown rules: so many people having to stay at home meant demand for plants soared even as the same restrictions kept garden centres closed. Photograph: Ariel Skelley/Digital Vision/Getty

People’s interest in gardening has soared over the past two months, as so many of us have been confined at home with plenty of free time suddenly on o(...)

Freshly harvested Irish plums. Photo:  Richard Johnston

When your garden is so pocket-sized that most or all of your plants grow in pots rather than in the ground, cultivating your own fruit trees might see(...)

The raw ingredients that Hanna Heubach of Hanako uses in this seasonal piece are the kind that you might find growing in the garden or could forage for in local hedgerows or woodlands.

I’m a lover of all things seasonal, foraged and locally grown, especially when it comes to decorating the home for Christmas. So, too, is Hanna Heubac(...)

Colourful cast-concrete handmade planters designed by Dublin-based Ail+El

Gifts under €25 For gardeners who lose track of time, what about a Hexham outdoor/waterproof clock that can be popped discreetly into the border? (mr(...)

Garden for any length of time and you soon learn to love the well-made, durable, ergonomically designed sorts of tools that make the jobs of digging, (...)