Director Louis Leterrier on the set of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

If you were an 1980s kid it’s likely you were scared by three things. The Gremlins from, eh, Gremlins, The Fireys from Labyrinth and, perhaps most ter(...)

Leslie David Baker and Joel McHale star in The Happytime Murders

Miss Piggy has long nursed a mischievous glint in her plastic eye, but the “filthy comedy” of Brian Henson’s puppet-staffed new crime caper, The Happy(...)

The Happytime Murders: Trailer shows Muppet-like puppets indulging in sex and drugs. Photograph: STX Entertainment

The creators of the children’s TV show Sesame Street have taken a lawsuit against an upcoming sex, drugs and violence-laden puppet-based movie called (...)

Sixteen South’s ‘Pajanimals’, co-produced with the Jim Henson Company, is filmed in Belfast watched in an estimated 300 million homes globally. Photograph courtesy of Sixteen South

Lily may be just five years old and her best friend may be a clever seagull but the pig-tailed treasure is one of the key reasons why 75 people have a(...)

Colin Williams founded children’s television production company Sixteen South in 2008. He worked in advertising before setting up his first business, (...)