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The role of butterflies as indicators of healthy habitats, and as useful pollinators, is only beginning to be generally appreciated.

“Mysterious and little-known organisms live within walking distance of where you sit. Splendour awaits . . ” EO Wilson, who first published the term (...)

  Revenue seized 67.8 million contraband cigarettes, almost twice the 34.2 million that its officials confiscated in 2017. Photograph: Revenue

The number of contraband cigarettes seized by Revenue last year almost doubled to 68 million as the State’s tax authority continued a crackdown on the(...)

Some 66 tonnes of raw tobacco, said to be enough to make 66m cigarettes, was found during the raid near Jenkinstown, as were  25m  cigarettes. Photograph: Revenue

International organised crime figures are believed to be behind a “sophisticated, self-contained” illegal cigarette-making factory uncovered near the(...)

 Rampark, Jenkinstown, Co Louth

Address: 74 Lakelands Close, Upper Kilmacud Road, Stillorgan, Co Dublin Agent: Lisney This four-bedroom, semi-detached house, with 126sq m(...)

The scene at Cherrywood Drive, Clondalkin,     Dublin,  where  Jason Carroll (39) was shot.   Photograph: Alan Betson

Gardaí are fearful a new gang- related gun feud is now under way in Dublin following the shooting dead of Jason Carroll, who had close links to major (...)