Gerry Concannon, founder and chairman of CBE. His entrepreneurial spirit was apparent when he was a child and his mother told him later that he used to wander around with a “little case with books in it and a calculator”.  Photograph: Keith Heneghan

When Gerry Concannon was a “young whippersnapper” aged 23, he used to tell people he would be retired within 10 years. After almost 40 years in busin(...)

 David Woolfson, Dr Duncan Bain and Billy Navan of Gabriel Scientific with their pillow, a hermetically sealed medical device with a built-in bacteriological filter

A pillow, a sewage treatment system, a screw fixing for bones, a disinfectant process, a cattle pen, ventilation ducting, a battery, a smart electrici(...)

It’s estimated we flush away 30 per cent of our water, use 13 per cent washing clothes and 7 per cent washing cars. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

With water metering looming, Dublin consumers hastily dropped their consumption of water late last year, and the numbers of people seeking water conse(...)