Gift idea: Designist   on Dame St in Dublin, or online at, have Edison or antique filament light bulbs  set in concrete blocks for €46.50

The season is upon us. There is just no escaping it any more. These pages will be cover to cover Christmas in the weeks ahead but we thought we’d star(...)

The Gourmet Gadgetry Collapsible Travel Kettle – in its collapsed form: it takes just under a litre of water, enough for about three cuppas.

Gourmet Gadgetry Collapsible Travel Kettle If home is where the cuppa is, Gourmet Gadgetry have a practical little travel kettle that collapses to (...)

Designed for the younger traveller, the Yondi travel pillow wraps round and uses magnets to connect securely under the chin

1. Thermarest ridge rest solar There was a time when the avid sun-worshipper looking for an all-over tan might lay out on a sheet of tin foil to maxi(...)