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It’s not very often that a gently smiling elderly man makes the front page of The Irish Times – especially when he’s sitting in an armchair. But in mi(...)

It’s the time of year when people like to enter our inland waterways, from all sorts of angles. You may recall last week’s photo of a boy jumping into(...)

A photograph can be worth a thousand words – or, like today’s delightful image from the summer of 1997, summon to mind just one. Jump. Actually, i(...)

Nearly half of the traffic to on Saturday was from outside Ireland, reflecting the international attention on the outcome of the referendum.

The article revealing that Ireland had voted to repeal the Eighth Amendment was read approximately one million times, making it the most-read online s(...)

During this year’s snowy spells, the misery of being without electricity was – for many people – an unwelcome reminder of how uncomfortable life can b(...)

Students from Bolton Street College protest on the Ha’penny Bridge, Dublin. July 7th, 1987. Photograph: Peter Thursfield

In recent weeks and months student protests have been erupting – with very good reason – on the streets of Dublin. The first three months of this year(...)

Comedian Frank Carson retrieves his ball from the hole before taking part in the Terry Wogan Golf Classic at Dún Laoghaire Golf Course. Photograph: Joe St Leger / THE IRISH TIMES

It’s a cracker! Or is it a bunker? Whatever way you look at it, this quirky shot of the late Frank Carson retrieving his ball from a practice green be(...)

As regular readers of this column will know only too well, this writer sometimes falls in love with a picture for no discernible reason. Today’s photo(...)

It may look ordinary at first glance. But when this photograph was taken in the year 2000, its subject had a pretty extraordinary tale to tell. Patric(...)

A cool car, a pretty girl, fabulous headgear: the sunshine streaming from this picture would really put you in the mood for spring. It features Cyril (...)

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