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Students from Bolton Street College protest on the Ha’penny Bridge, Dublin. July 7th, 1987. Photograph: Peter Thursfield

In recent weeks and months student protests have been erupting – with very good reason – on the streets of Dublin. The first three months of this year(...)

Comedian Frank Carson retrieves his ball from the hole before taking part in the Terry Wogan Golf Classic at Dún Laoghaire Golf Course. Photograph: Joe St Leger / THE IRISH TIMES

It’s a cracker! Or is it a bunker? Whatever way you look at it, this quirky shot of the late Frank Carson retrieving his ball from a practice green be(...)

As regular readers of this column will know only too well, this writer sometimes falls in love with a picture for no discernible reason. Today’s photo(...)

It may look ordinary at first glance. But when this photograph was taken in the year 2000, its subject had a pretty extraordinary tale to tell. Patric(...)

A cool car, a pretty girl, fabulous headgear: the sunshine streaming from this picture would really put you in the mood for spring. It features Cyril (...)

Looking at this photograph, which appeared in the Times Pictorial supplement in 1953, there are a number of questions you might ask – and one you almo(...)

Honestly. You come to the zoo to have a look at the animals, only to find some plonker in a blazer acting the goat in pet’s corner . . . Just why the (...)

We are surrounded by unhealthy foods in shops and are too time-poor to prepare healthy dinners at home. Photograph: iStock

Modern life is characterised by busy but largely sedentary and unhealthy lifestyles. People are rushing around doing things but not physically moving (...)

Tea boxes are used for stands by Bookmakers at the races at the Phoenix Park racecourse on June 3rd, 1985. Photograph: Eddie Kelly/The Irish Times

What on earth are these men doing? The chap on the right is hunched over a notebook, writing something down: on the left of the picture, his colleague(...)

These shiny happy people are members of what is a pretty rare species in Ireland, so you’ve probably never spotted one in the wild. And unless you liv(...)

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