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Some hate mail from Mr Bingo

One night, illustrator Mr Bingo was in his studio having a few drinks and looking at his extensive collection of vintage postcards. “It’s a shame I’v(...)

The recent event ahead of Offset in the Twisted Pepper, Dublin

It is a Thursday in Dublin’s Twisted Pepper and eligible creatives are being set up on dates with people who have their own creative ideas. The(...)

Annie Atkins: “I was born in Wales, though my Mum’s Irish. Dad was a graphic designer and from the time I was little, I wanted to be one too.”

From writing death warrants for Henry VIII, to forging CIA documents, to making a new kind of biscuit, Dublin-based Annie Atkins (34) is an award- (...)

Nice to do business with you

Above: Jeff Greenspan, consultant and former chief creative officer, BuzzFeed, New York “For a ‘That guy I met’ card I have I bought a URL that a(...)