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John Cotter: IFG paid him one year’s salary and fixed benefits totalling £409,805 (€475,172) under a settlement agreement as he quit the group last April. Photograph: Eric Luke

Dublin-listed IFG Group’s former chief executive, John Cotter, has seen options he continues to hold in the financial services company swing into the (...)

Assets in IFG’s retirement wealth planning platform, James Hay, rose 5.4%  to £23.3bn

IFG Group, a Dublin-listed UK-focused financial services company, reported growth of 5 per cent in assets under administration in the first three mont(...)

Paul McNamara has taken up a new role as head of UK-based financial technology provider EValue. Photograph: Eric Luke

Former IFG Group chief executive Paul McNamara, who quit the now UK-focused financial services company suddenly last year, has taken up a new role as (...)

IFG completed a major restructuring in 2015, with the sale of its Irish pension and advisory business for €13.5m to Willis Ireland in late 2014

IFG Group, a Dublin-headquartered but UK-focused financial services company, has reported a 10 per cent rise in revenue at its key subsidiaries as tot(...)

Paul McNamara: The chief executive of IFG resigned unexpectedly in September.  Photograph: Eric Luke

IFG Group, the UK-focused financial services company, has said it is trading in line with last year, as profit growth in its financial planning busin(...)