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Wormwood Scrubs: There are 950-1,000 Irish prisoners in various British jails, mostly in England. Photograph:  Rebecca Naden/PA

On January 25th, 1985, an ad appeared on the classifieds page of this newspaper seeking a coordinator for am organisation called the Irish Commission (...)

Luke Fitzgerald: “I find it pretty hard to say that I’m lucky to be here ... I’ve worked very hard.” Photograph: Inpho/Dan Sheridan

There’s Luke Fitzgerald then and there’s Luke Fitzgerald now. The pre-seasons and seasons have changed him. The tough selections have changed him. Inj(...)

Victor Nealon (seated), Barry George (L) and Martin Foran (R)  after a protest in Westminster at the Global Law Summit in the Queen Elizabeth II Centre which has marked the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta Photograph: Mark Hennessy

The 800th anniversary celebrations of Magna Carta are an insult, Irish victims of miscarriages of justice have declared. For Dublin-born Martin Foran(...)

Paddy Hill and Gerry Conlan  at UL before  delivering an address on their experiences as victims of miscarriages of justice.  Photograph: Brian Gavin Press 22

Two men who suffered among the worst miscarriages of justice in British history have accused the Irish and British governments(...)