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Dingle Gin

We know and love our quintessential Irish food staples – Barry’s, Kerrygold, Tayto. Everyday foods that fill us with joy and nostalgia. We immortalise(...)

I was recently on a long train journey where the American students opposite me were discussing the snack menu left on their seats. The bacon fries piq(...)

Fuss-free meatballs with fresh tagliatelle

Winter is well and truly under way and we now have a slight lull before the excesses of the festive season begins. We can take a breather and make sim(...)

Giana Ferguson of Gubbeen Cheese in west Cork: “I think it takes real courage as a woman to start out in a new area of business so I have many heroines.”

Giana and Tom Ferguson have been making Gubbeen farmhouse cheese in west Cork since 1979. Today, their operation employs 21 people. What is special a(...)