Grid Finance

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Grid Finance team members Gary Grimes, Andrea Linehan and Derek Butler with Gavin Duffy from ‘Dragons’ Den’.

Technology start-up Grid Finance has won the inaugural Inclusion Plus competition, which aims to showcase innovative ideas around financial inclusion(...)

Ireland is  seen as a possible fintech hub with Deloitte last year forecasting that as many as 5,000 related-jobs could be created here over the next five years

Start-ups working in the financial services sector have a greater trust credibility gap to overcome than most early-stage companies, delegates at a co(...)

Individuals can lend as little as € 5 to a maximum of 50 per cent of the loan amount to small businesses on new peer-to-peer lending platform Grid Finance.

A new peer-to-peer financing platform called the ‘Grid’ was launched in Dublin today, enabling local businesses, community organisations and individua(...)