Seagram’s Edgar Bronfman jnr  (centre), with  Frank J Biondi   of Universal Studios and Cornelis Boonstra  of Royal Philips Electronics.  An erstwhile film producer and songwriter, Bronfman had a fateful preference for studios over distilleries. Photograph: Jon Levy/AFP/Getty Images

Open the filing cabinet marked “mergers and acquisitions”, go straight to the fat folder labelled “cautionary tales” and eventually you will reach the(...)

Johnston Press was laid low by debt-funded acquisitions in the early 2000s and the shift online of classified advertising and news. Photograph: Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA

The collapse of Johnston Press Plc into the arms of a New York hedge fund marks an unusual twist in the long decline of the UK’s local newspaper indus(...)

A group of investors who lost hundreds of millions of euro in the collapse of Banco Espírito Santo has filed a lawsuit challenging the European Commis(...)