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The Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay: Sound isn’t something that you typically associate with still images. However,  Fujifilm is betting that you’ll like it enough to shell out on the new camera

I have a soft spot for Fujifilm’s Instax cameras. There is something comforting and familiar about them and their ability to spit out old-school print(...)

There was time when instant cameras were considered the height of technical sophistication. Rather than handing your film over to a photo lab to print(...)

You have to admire the Fujifilm, launching an analogue camera in a digital world, ploughing its own path, one instant photo at a time. The Instax Sq(...)

Xerox fired its chief executive Jeff Jacobson as part of its decision to terminate the deal with Fujifilm.

Xerox has called off its $6.1 billion (€5 billion) sale to Japan’s Fujifilm, after reaching a truce with Carl Icahn and Darwin Deason that ends months(...)

Photograph: Thomas White/Reuters

Japan’s Fujifilm Holdings said it is cutting 10,000 jobs globally at its joint venture with Xerox to cope with a decline in the photocopying business,(...)

It’s a curious quirk. We spend years investing in the development of new and better technology. Then we use it to pay homage to the old days. Take t(...)