Melissa Cole:  “All the research shows that everybody prefers gender-neutral marketing – people don’t want to be marketed to as men or women.”

Are you sure you want a pint of that?  Author and beer sommelier Melissa Cole has been asked this question more than a few times over the years (...)

Flutes of Black Rock stout being served at the Long Table dinner in Dungarvan Brewery to celebrate Indie Beer Week

What’s the closest brewery to you? This is the week to find out – and drop in for a visit with more than 30 microbreweries opening their doors around (...)

Sales of Caskmates jumped 110 per cent in volume terms and 103 per cent in the 12 months to June 2017.

Irish Distillers, the owner of Jameson Whiskey, has acquired the Co Cork-based craft beer producer Eight Degrees Brewing for an undisclosed sum. No f(...)

Microbrewed in Ireland is a logo created by Beer Ireland  “to help drinkers identify beers that are brewed by microbreweries in Ireland and aren’t a macro produced imitation”.

What does “craft” mean? It used to distinguish something as higher quality, or made with a particular skill. But then everyone starting using it, sla(...)

Beer bunnies at the Irish Craft Beer and Cider Festival in Dublin’s RDS

Many of the festival adventures that have shimmied and skipped across this section of these pages have been steeped, soaked and stewed in beer suds. I(...)