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The Anova Nano will keep water at a consistent temperature, slow cooking your food and keeping all the flavour sealed in.

Anova Nano Smart Precision Cooker (€120) I’m a fan of anything that promises to make me a better cook. The Anova Nano Smart Precision Cooker does pre(...)

€18 Minecraft fans will recognise this particular item. The Creeper is one you usually want to avoid, because it is prone to exploding when it gets i(...)

All you need is a hot drink to wake this Tamagotchi up

I had a Tamgotchi once. It didn’t end well. After a couple of weeks of nurturing the digital pet, feeding it and generally cleaning up after it, it di(...)

Bluetooth Eye Mask: easier way of listening to white noise, podcasts or other audio to help you sleep.

Bluetooth Eye Mask (€36) Insomniacs assemble: a new bluetooth mask is promising an easier way of listening to your white noise, podcasts or other aud(...)

The phone is also fully functional, by which we mean you can make calls and send text messages.

Remember when you could lose your phone under your credit card and people saw it as a selling point? What claims to be the world’s smallest phone is h(...)

Every so often there is a product that makes you do a double-take, and not for good reasons. Step up, Ember Temperature Control Smart Travel Mug with (...)

The Pocketalk translator has got dual microphones, built-in speakers and will connect to wifi or mobile data.

How good are your language skills? Probably not as good as the Pocketalk, which costs €332. It knows 74 languages, and all you have to do is talk to i(...)

€274 How is your selfie game? If you aren’t a fan of selfie sticks – and lots of us aren’t – but sometimes need the distance a stick gives you, maybe(...)

Forky: What more could you want?

Voice Command Forky €56 Admit it: you went to see Toy Story 4 because you wanted to, not because your child insisted. And that stash of Toy Story mer(...)

The lampshade itself features Mario in his NES days

NES lamp €34 I’m a sucker for a bit of games-related merchandise, so this Nintendo-themed lamp definitely grabbed my attention. Forget about the fac(...)

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