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KiiPix printer: Press a button, rotate a dial and your photo will appear on the film, as if by magic.

KiiPix, €50 Combine the power of your phone’s camera with the convenience and atmosphere of retro prints and you’ve got the KiiPix printer. Choose th(...)

Decorate your tree with gaming-themed baubles this year.

Xbox/PlayStation baubles €18 Yes, we know it’s not December yet, but in case you haven’t noticed, people are starting to break out the Christmas trees(...)

Oblio phone sanitiser and wireless charger: Twenty minutes will leave your phone germ-free, and three hours will give your phone  a full charge.

Oblio phone sanitiser and wireless charger (€90) We like multifunctional things. There just isn’t enough time in the day – or space in our homes, it (...)

€23 Since summer 2020 appears to be a little bit of a bust, perhaps you have a bit of time on your hands. The Classic Camera Kit from Haynes gives yo(...)

The webcam cover neatly masks the camera on your phone

Privacy webcam covers €10.99 Ever since Edward Snowden hit the headlines with his revelations about just how deeply spy agencies were capa(...)

Star Theatre Planetarium Flux: €172

We are spending a lot of time indoors these days. So why not make it look a little more interesting? The Star Theatre Planetarium Flux will turn you(...)

The Anova Nano will keep water at a consistent temperature, slow cooking your food and keeping all the flavour sealed in.

Anova Nano Smart Precision Cooker (€120) I’m a fan of anything that promises to make me a better cook. The Anova Nano Smart Precision Cooker does pre(...)

€18 Minecraft fans will recognise this particular item. The Creeper is one you usually want to avoid, because it is prone to exploding when it gets i(...)

All you need is a hot drink to wake this Tamagotchi up

I had a Tamgotchi once. It didn’t end well. After a couple of weeks of nurturing the digital pet, feeding it and generally cleaning up after it, it di(...)

Bluetooth Eye Mask: easier way of listening to white noise, podcasts or other audio to help you sleep.

Bluetooth Eye Mask (€36) Insomniacs assemble: a new bluetooth mask is promising an easier way of listening to your white noise, podcasts or other aud(...)

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