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PlayStation 4 controller alarm clock costs €26

Hate getting up in the morning? Like PlayStation? Feel like a bit of Sony-inspired styling would help matter? This is not a PlayStation controller o(...)

€18 It seems like everything is unicorn themed these days, and nowhere is safe from the current craze. That includes your mobile phone. Aside from th(...)

KiiPix Instant Printer is priced €45

Retro film prints have been staging a comeback, but if you don’t want to shell out for the camera, you could just invest in a printer to create your o(...)

This doughnut-themed charger will connect to your laptop to give your phone a bit of power just when you need it.

I like wireless chargers. They are more convenient than their wired brethren for around the house and far less likely to suffer broken cables because (...)

Sphero’s R2-D2 droid

Prepare yourself: the Star Wars onslaught is about to begin. And what better way to celebrate/jump on the band wagon than by spending almost €150 on a(...)

Is this the Bluetooth speaker you’re looking for?

If the Sony speaker is a little too rich for your blood, how about this mini Stormtrooper speaker instead? The Star Wars-inspired speaker fits in the (...)

Tamagotchi charger €42 Remember the tamagotchi? The small digital pet was yours to love and care for, feeding it and keeping it clean, before it in(...)

Smartphone magnifier: we find ourselves strangely drawn to it

Christmas is a time for family, celebration and buying tech tat masquerading as stocking fillers that you wouldn’t touch the rest of the year round. (...)

We’ll need 10 years or so to find out whether the promise of longer-lasting prints holds true

Prynt: €166 Mobile printers that spit out your smartphone photos are nothing new these days. So Prynt had to go one better, not just printing your st(...)

SOI handbag light, €25.49

I’ll admit to an eye roll when I saw this one. A huge one. SOI’s handbag light automatically kicks in when you open your cavernous handbag, saving yo(...)

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