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The Pocketalk translator has got dual microphones, built-in speakers and will connect to wifi or mobile data.

How good are your language skills? Probably not as good as the Pocketalk, which costs €332. It knows 74 languages, and all you have to do is talk to i(...)

€274 How is your selfie game? If you aren’t a fan of selfie sticks – and lots of us aren’t – but sometimes need the distance a stick gives you, maybe(...)

Forky: What more could you want?

Voice Command Forky €56 Admit it: you went to see Toy Story 4 because you wanted to, not because your child insisted. And that stash of Toy Story mer(...)

The lampshade itself features Mario in his NES days

NES lamp €34 I’m a sucker for a bit of games-related merchandise, so this Nintendo-themed lamp definitely grabbed my attention. Forget about the fac(...)

Veritable Smart Indoor Garden: €195

Veritable Smart Indoor Garden: €195 Are you the kiss of death to house plants? Are your thumbs less of a green hue and more of a dull grey? It’s easi(...)

Nintendo GameBoy Colour Watch: hours of retro fun for time-travellers

GameBoy Colour Watch €23 What do you get the person who has everything? If they are a retro games fan, perhaps a GameBoy Colour Watch? Styled on the (...)

PlayStation 4 controller alarm clock costs €26

Hate getting up in the morning? Like PlayStation? Feel like a bit of Sony-inspired styling would help matter? This is not a PlayStation controller o(...)

€18 It seems like everything is unicorn themed these days, and nowhere is safe from the current craze. That includes your mobile phone. Aside from th(...)

KiiPix Instant Printer is priced €45

Retro film prints have been staging a comeback, but if you don’t want to shell out for the camera, you could just invest in a printer to create your o(...)

This doughnut-themed charger will connect to your laptop to give your phone a bit of power just when you need it.

I like wireless chargers. They are more convenient than their wired brethren for around the house and far less likely to suffer broken cables because (...)

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