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Halloween: there are lots of adventures, both inside and out, to keep the whole family entertained. Photograph: Ojo/Getty

In the sacred space between Back to School and Santa Stop Here, the ancients celebrated a very special festival: Midterm. Honour that tradition t(...)

Gerry Boland in  Faithlegg, Co Waterford. Photograph: Patrick Browne

Gerry Boland, a recently retired paramedic, is sitting on a bright green bench on the side of the road under an ash tree festooned with multi-coloured(...)

The breakfast terrace in Fota

Chocs away to Fota So it turns out the mistake I’ve been making all my life has been to foolishly eat chocolate, when I should have been melting it d(...)

Black Friday deals and discounts A host of travel specialists are offering flash sales to coincide with Black Friday, which falls this Friday, Novemb(...)

Artful Indulgence   Clontarf Castle’s extensive art collection is the key feature in their new experiential offering. Guests are welcome to exp(...)

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Two museums devoted to food, in London and New York, open this week. First up is the British Museum of Food, left, (bompas(...)

Winter berries on the Thanksgiving menu at the Fitzwilliam Hotel

Pop up and ask questions at the bar The final of the Euro-Toques young chef of the year competition takes place tomorrow, and last year’s winn(...)