East Coast Bakehouse managing director Michael Carey: “The cash burn has ended, thankfully.” Photograph: Eric Luke

Irish biscuit maker East Coast Bakehouse has hired EY Corporate Finance to raise €5 million to acquire more packing equipment for its factory in Drog(...)

East Coast Bakehouse executive chairman Michael Carey. Photograph: Eric Luke

Irish biscuit maker East Coast Bakehouse forecasts that exports will account for 80 per cent of its business in the coming three years as the company (...)

Alison Cowzer and Michael Carey: The latest project of the husband-and-wife entrepreneurs is  East Coast Bakehouse, based on Drogheda, Co Louth. Photograph: Jason Clarke Photography.

Family businesses form the backbone of the Irish economy, accounting for more than 40 per cent of all private sector employment. The benefits of famil(...)

East Coast Bakehouse founder Michael Carey at the Checkout conference. Photograph: Nigel Gault

When business owners – often after years of torrid toil – cash out successfully with big payouts, what drives some of them to try it again from scratc(...)

John Teeling, the legendary whiskey and mining entrepreneur and my former lecturer, who asked, “What are you going to do with the second half of your career?” Photograph: Dave Meehan

Career plans rarely work out as intended. There are too many external influencing factors beyond our control. For entrepreneurial careers, with a hi(...)

Michael Carey: “For our business, and all local food producers, this will be testing time.” Photograph: Eric Luke

The British decision to end its 43 years as a member of the EU – and as a positive influence within the European market – may have significant implica(...)

 Michael Carey says access to funding, and the related issue of perceived balance of risk and reward, is one of the major barriers for entrepreneurs. Photograph: Eric Luke

In the context of the uncertainty about Ireland’s political leadership, potential changes to policy on entrepreneurial activity should be closely watc(...)

East Coast Bakehouse managing director  Michael Carey: “We love the food industry. We get a real buzz out of doing stuff in the food sector. The opportunity here is very real.”   Photograph: Eric Luke

The many biscuit packets strewn across the conference room table in Michael Carey’s office on Fitzwilliam Place offer the first clue as to the entrepr(...)