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Multiplayer games have  proven a hit with players who want to connect with their friends

What did you do during the pandemic lockdown? It’s a tricky subject. While your Instagram feed may have been full of people enjoying their daily works(...)

The Dublin Games Summit   will have 35 speakers taking part in 21 talks

Games fans are gearing up for the inaugural Dublin Games Summit, which will take place on July 19th. The event has signed up a number of sponsors, in(...)

EA is behind a number of well-known games for consoles and PCs, including  the FIFA football series

The Irish arm of videogame publisher Electronic Arts (EA) recorded a sharp jump in losses last year even as turnover rose 4 per cent to €24.4 million.(...)

Slack’s James Sherrett: “Our Dublin office plays a crucial role in helping the 45 per cent of our paying customers based in Europe as we continue to grow.”

A senior Slack technologist says the software company is committed to expansion in Ireland by the end of the year as part of plans for growth in the E(...)

The Sims 4: beginning to dismantle the dated notion of the gender binary

The Sims 4 game and its parent company EA are already known for their inclusivity: the Sims franchise has long had the option of characters entering s(...)

Todd Howard, game director and executive producer at Bethesda Game Studios, introducesFallout 4. Photograph: Kevork Djansezian/Reuters

Games firm Bethesda kicked off the E3 press conferences in Los Angeles, showcasing its plans for a new version of Doom, more details on Fallout 4 and (...)

 Gamers play Nintendo’s new game Splatoon at  E3  in Los Angeles, California. Photographh: Michael Nelson/EPA

When the dust settles and the spoils are counted, who will emerge as the victor from this year’s E3? Last year, things were a lot more clear cut. Sony(...)

Electronic Arts chief operating officer Peter Moore speaks at E3 in Los Angele

Third-party publishers are getting behind the next generation consoles, too, with Electronic Arts and Ubisoft using their pre-E3 events to reveal wha(...)