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Men are buying cosmetics in previously unseen numbers and, for the most part, they’re buying them online. Photograph: iStock

Men’s beauty – many prefer the word “grooming” – is gaining momentum, and young men are leading the charge. According to the UK director at market res(...)

Then I Met You is a cult US K-beauty brand from aesthetician and entrepreneur Charlotte Cho

Regular skincare doesn’t work when the weather gets very hot. That sentence may read as delusionally optimistic to you, but good weather can happen in(...)

Paler Celtic complexions are more sensitive to sun exposure, burn more easily and need more protection. Photograph: iStock

In a sense, writing the first column on SPF of the year makes me feel a bit like my grandmother, who would constantly snatch you by the arm as you ran(...)

Make a conscious effort to nurture your love of make-up again. Photograph: iStock

As I write this, the sun has come out and it finally really does feel like spring. I’m wearing a tentative T-shirt. Naturally, I’m absolutely freezing(...)

January is always rife with mantras of self-denial and the promise of lifestyle transformations. However, if we’re being honest, no – I’m not likely t(...)

Brands such as Curél, L’Oreal and Avène are among my favourites. Photograph: iStock

One abysmal, wet day last December – when we did things like meet people – I visited one of the world’s most prominent dermatologists, who happens to (...)

Barely there: Chanel Les Beiges Eau de Teint Water-Fresh Tint

Rare is the truly new in the beauty industry. Products generally hit the market after years of research and development. A flurry of copies then race (...)

Rituals of Yalda: the series is inspired by an Iranian end-of-year ritual

Wellbeing is big business, and the beauty industry is taking note. Today more than ever, savvy consumers are paying attention to small brands, ethical(...)


Waiting for a product is usually the hallmark of a true fan. Gamers will eagerly await the release date of a hotly anticipated new game. Avid readers (...)