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Accountancy: Multiple entry routes are available to Leaving Cert students, graduates and to workers seeking a mid-stream career change.

Accounting is an age-old profession that attracts people from all backgrounds. Multiple entry routes are available to Leaving Cert students, graduates(...)

“The points show that there is also an entrenched university hierarchy in the minds of parents, despite the proliferation of places available.”

Lately, have you noticed an upsurge in business cards with people’s academic accomplishments emblazoned on them? It is not uncommon to come away from (...)

Prospective business students may need to look at multiple finance sources, including scholarships and bursaries as well as loans and employer sponsorship. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

If you want to do a top-notch business course or MBA, you’ll have to work harder to find funding because the fees charged can be far higher than for c(...)

The GAA Congress at Croke Park on Saturday: although the opinions ranged against the proposals were shrill, they lacked the consistency to act as a rallying point for any potential opposition campaign. Photograph: James Crombie

The GAA has entered unfamiliar territory with the decisions taken at the weekend’s congress. Whereas there was relief and satisfaction that the princi(...)

A significant number of so-called accountants operate outside the regulated sector. In most major European countries the law prohibits abuse of the term ‘accountant’

When is an accountant not really an accountant? And what about a engineer? Consumers may believe they understand the qualifications of someone they(...)

Anybody can open up an accountancy practice, no matter how innumerate they may be.

Fancy opening up an accountancy practice? Worried that you might struggle to cope with the years of professional training and rigorous examinations?Do(...)