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 Cox Pippin apple and orange display market stall display in Bray, Co Wicklow.

Take the convoluted, far-reaching consequences of a global pandemic. Add the painful, messy divorce that is Brexit. The result is a perfect storm for (...)

Growing plants from cuttings is a wonderfully satisfying way to grow your own plants for free.

Lockdown has given us anything, it’s a new appreciation for traditional propagating skills From the lengthy closure of garden centres to th(...)

Gardening with children

Over the past few weeks I’ve been gardening with my young sons as they’ve learned how to hoe and dig, how to rake the ground to the perfect crumb(...)

Invest in just a few packets of seeds and tubers of summer-flowering varieties over the coming weeks and you’ll be astonished by the abundant beauty  they’ll bring you, right through to late autumn. Photograph: Getty Images

My young twin sons sometimes ask me which superpowers or magical skills I’d most wish for. Invisibility? Telepathy? Mind control? Superhuman strength?(...)

Freshly-harvested French beans and tomatoes. Photograph: Richard Johnston

Staying home and wondering about useful ways to make the most of your garden? Here’s a list of 10 nutritious, delicious, fast-growing vegetable crops,(...)

Photograph: Getty

If you’re an inveterate seed junkie like me, then you’ll almost certainly have spent the last few weeks relishing the annual post-Christmas horticultu(...)

Freshly harvested produce in the walled kitchen garden of Burtown House in Co Carlow. Photograph: Richard Johnston

So it’s farewell to “the tenties”- or whatever you want to call the last decade – and hello to the “twenty-twenties”. But before we bid this dying dec(...)

Rudbeckia ‘Sahara’, one of the must-have plants to grow from seed this spring. Photograph: Richard Johnston

Despite the cold, dark, mucky misery of an Irish January, I love this time of the gardening year for its newness and its whispered promises of good th(...)

An array of colourful Lupins. Photograph: Richard Johnston

If you’re a greedy gardener like I am, then few things can equal the magic of propagating new plants from seed. It’s the conjuror’s trick that I never(...)

A bouquet of Irish flowers: many brides to be want  to use of seasonal Irish-grown flowers for their bouquets and to have a personal hand in growing them. Photograph: Joseph Carr

More than a quarter of Irish marriages take place during July-August. I say this because those same two months also happen to be among the most flori(...)