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Lauren Aimee Curtis writes intelligently on  themes of sex and religion

“At 15, Dolores began to visit the love motels on the outskirts of her city. Now, at night inside the convent, when she returns, the different rooms h(...)

Sean O’Conner, co-founder and COO of StatSports. Photograph: The Irish Times/James Forde

Talk to any company bigwig and they’ll happily bang on about how the staff make their business. Some of them even believe it. Few speak about it with (...)

David Uda painting his memorial floorpiece ‘Bloom’ on the 69th floor of 4 WTC. Photograph: Allen Kiely

In Lower Manhattan new skyscrapers have risen around the pair of reflecting pools marking where the Twin Towers stood at the World Trade Center site. (...)

Web Summit co-founder Paddy Cosgrave opening the event  at the RDS in 2015. Photograph: Eric Luke

The 2016 Web Summit will be a different affair from previous years, not least because it is the first year the event will not be held in Ireland. I(...)