Caja Madrid

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Former Bankia chairman Rodrigo Rato (left) and former Caja Madrid chairman Miguel Blesa, who were convicted, along with more than 60 executives, of a €12.5 million  personal expenses scam. Photograph:  Chema Moya/Reuters

In April 2015, many Spaniards sensed something was shifting as they watched the television news. An ashen-faced Rodrigo Rato was being escorted out of(...)

Rodrigo Rato (left) next to former Caja Madrid chairman Miguel Blesa during the trial of more than 60 executives and former board members accused of illegally spending €12 million. Photograph: Reuters

The former International Monetary Fund chief Rodrigo Rato has been sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison for misusing corporate credit cards wh(...)

Rodrigo Rato leaving the High Court after being questioned by a judge investigating the alleged use of credit cards for personal expenses. Photograph: Sergio Perez

When Rodrigo Rato was nominated as the new managing director of the IMF, in the spring of 2004, it was a crowning moment for the Spanish economy. (...)

Spaniards protest against corruption after 51 people are arrested as part of an investigation involving local government contracts. Photograph: Sergio Perez/Reuters

Prime minister Mariano Rajoy apologised to Spaniards yesterday after a massive police sting against an alleged corruption ring left his conservativ(...)

The Spanish high court is investigating the credit cards, which were given out by Caja Madrid savings bank and Bankia, the lender that absorbed it in 2010, and they were not registered in official accounts.

Revelations related to how 82 executives and board members of a Spanish bank were given credit cards to spend freely on personal items and without (...)

Credit cards issued by Spanish savings bank Caja Madrid.

A string of Spanish politicians and union leaders have been forced to resign from their posts due to a scandal involving their apparently lavish spend(...)

Former directors of bailed-out German lender HSH Nordbank will appear in court today in the first case of the entire executive board of a European ban(...)

Former president of Caja Madrid Miguel Blesa is the first top financier detained in Spain since the financial crisis began. Photograph:  Reuters/Sergio Perez

Spanish judges this week sent the strongest signal yet that they intend to crack down on former executives at bailed-out banks by putting the e(...)