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Celtic Cross in a West of Ireland Landscape by Paul Henry sold for €105,000 through Morgan O’Driscoll

Morgan O’Driscoll ’s Irish and international art this week was a good litmus test for the online auction market in the current health crisis. The res(...)

Oil prices fell during the summer.

A rogue trader at Mitsubishi in Singapore has lost $320 million (€289 million) through failed bets on the oil price in a case reminiscent of the scand(...)

US president Donald J Trump waves after speaking  at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, DC, October 13th, 2017. Photograph: Michael Reynolds/EPA

Saying Donald Trump is mistaken is like saying Wednesday follows Tuesday – everyone knows it to be true. Still, let me say it: Trump is mistaken about(...)

Rolls-Royce last week admitted bribery and corruption stretching over 23 years as part of a £671 million settlement with authorities in the UK, US and Brazil. Photograph: Rolls-Royce/PA Wire

AirAsia, the Malaysian budget carrier, has denied wrongdoing after an inquiry into corruption at Rolls-Royce found that the UK engine-maker failed to (...)

Kids often find it boring to hike with their parents and siblings, but if their friends come along on the hike, the transformation in their attitudes can be spectacular.

There has never been a better time to be an outdoors child in the Dublin area. There has never been such an abundance of public parks, with well-main(...)

Tory leadership contender Andrea Leadsom, photographed outside her home in Northamptonshire on Saturday. Photograph:  Chris Radburn/PA Wire
Who is Andrea Leadsom?
  • UK
  • July 9, 2016, 13:50

Andrea Leadsom was largely unknown to most British voters before the Brexit referendum but her upbeat argument that Britain could flourish outside th(...)

Barings Bank: an examination of how Nick Leeson conducted his trades and how he was not challenged might prove useful to the Oireachtas banking inquiry. Photograph: Reuters

To be of value, Ireland’s banking inquiry will need to determine and act upon the weaknesses in its corporate governance system that allowed the under(...)