Winning ways: Emmanuel Macron at his victory rally in Paris after being elected president, in May 2017. Photograph: Patrick Kovarik/AFP/Getty

President Emmanuel Macron likes to convince people. In manner and method, he is unlike his predecessors. Nicolas Sarkozy cajoled and bullied. François(...)

Emmanuel Macron: “I practise benevolence. I have never said a negative sentence against anyone.” Photograph: Eric Feferberg/AFP/Getty Images

The newly elected president Emmanuel Macron faces the near impossible challenge of reversing France’s decline and reconciling a deeply divided populat(...)

Independent candidate Emmanuel Macron and Philippe Poutou of Anti-Capitalist Party (left) during Tuesday night’s French presidential election debate near Paris. Photograph:  Lionel Bonaventure/Reuters

The presidential debate that ended at 12.40am on Wednesday may not change the results of the first round of the election on April 23rd, but it broke r(...)

French presidential election candidate for the En Marche! movement  Emmanuel Macron  ahead of a wide-ranging televised debate that went on until well after midnight. Photograph:  Eliot Blondet/AFP/Getty Images

The French presidential election debate that took place on Monday night was a test of the endurance of the five leading candidates, who remained stand(...)

Former French economy minister Emmanuel Macron announcing his candidacy for next year’s presidential election on Wednesday. Photograph: Philippe Lopez/AFP/Getty Images

French leaders on the left and right reacted dismissively to Emmanuel Macron’s declaration of his candidacy for the French presidential election next(...)

Outgoing French economy minister Emmanuel Macron after his resignation. He said he regretted having failed to convince colleagues that a profound transformation of the French economy was needed. Photograph: Gonzalo Fuentes/Reuters

The most popular member of the French government, 38-year-old Emmanuel Macron, on Tuesday resigned as minister for the economy with the unstated but o(...)