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Ballymaloe House Hotel and Cookery School, Co Cork

There’s something very soothing about spending Sunday night in a luxury hotel, snoozing late on Monday morning, knowing that the rest of the populatio(...)

Ballymaloe will host special Chateau Feely wine event

Chateau Feely wine dinner at Ballymaloe For wine lovers, the Chateau Feely wine event (February 15th) will allow you to experience the renowned Allen(...)

I don’t usually cook the same thing regularly except when it comes to Fridays. Most Friday evenings I’m rolling pizza dough. Pizza means the weekend. (...)

Rebecca O’Connor and Will Govan’s renovated cottage at Arden, Milltown, Co. Cavan. Photo: Lorraine Teevan

What makes an area great? Apart from obvious geographies and proximities, how come homes in some postcodes and counties cost more than others? Obviou(...)

The Ballymaloe International Poetry Prize, run by Ireland’s The Moth magazine,  has an alluring €13,000 prize fund and   a closing date of December 31st, making it the ultimate way for poets to to ring in the new year

Poets don’t write poetry to make money. That would be absurd. But there’s no doubt that the growing number of poetry prizes makes it much more of an (...)

Ireland’s only orchestral baroque music festival takes place this weekend in Ardee in partnership with the Irish Baroque Orchestra. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Chief O’Neill Traditional Music Festival The celebration of traditional music legend Chief O’Neill takes places in Bantry, West Cork until Sunday, Nov(...)