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New Hyundai store in Bluewater Shopping Centre.

Connolly Motor Group has acquired the Hyundai dealership in Ballybrit, Co Galway, expanding its workforce to 280. The deal will also mean Connolly Mo(...)

Adenocarcinoma cancer cells under a microscope. Some cervical cancers are of this type. File photograph: Getty Images

The Irish Cancer Society has expressed concern at the decline in the number of girls receiving the HPV vaccine for cervical cancer. Speaking ahead of(...)

Bridget Byrne aka Ava Van Rose, pictured leaving the Bridewell District Court in Dublin  after she pleaded guilty to assault. Photograph: Courts Collins

A Dublin glamour model is awaiting sentence for assault after she admitted she jumped on a woman and then began to bite and scratch her. Bridget Byrn(...)

A pregnant worker suffered a miscarriage after failing in her repeated requests to be transferred away from duties that involved exposure to adhesive (...)