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Automattic, valued at $3 billion,  was founded by Texan tech millionaire Matt Mullenweg.

The Dublin-registered global research and development hub for the company that owns blogging sites Tumblr and Wordpress. com says it is planning furth(...)

Australian entrepreneur and author Steve Glaveski says work in short bursts of around half an hour, focussing on a measurable output, and then take a short break

The biggest mistake organisations can make during Covid-19 is to try and replicate the office online, while for individuals the relentless pursuit of (...)

The Minister of Finance & Public Expenditure and Reform Paschal Donohoe holds shres in Diageo and is the target of drinks industry lobbying. Photograph: Collins Photos

For an hour at Wednesday’s Summer Economic Statement briefing, Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe had been as sure-footed as he could have hoped for(...)

Maybe we’ll see a personal blogging resurgence on the back of WordPress’s new .blog domain

Dear millennials, once upon a time there was a platform known as a blog. Before humankind could SnapChat, tweet, YouTube or Instagram its every waking(...)

 Matt Mullenweg:  founder and chief executive of Automattic, which owns WordPress

Matt Mullenweg is not the typical tech founder. The head of Automattic is just off a flight from the US, in Dublin to speak at an Irish Software Assoc(...)

Brian O’Cathain of Petroceltic: the Irish exploration firm strongly denied allegations of fraud and mismanagement that were made about the company online. Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill

Automattic, the Californian company behind the world’s most popular blogging site, Wordpress, has finally removed an anonymous site that was allegedl(...)

Brian O’Cathain, chief executive officer of Petroceltic: got  High Court order to have  content taken down. Photograph: Sara Freund / The Irish Times

Automattic, the Californian company behind the popular Wordpress blogging system, has been given 17 days by the High Court to identify the author of a(...)


Author and former Microsoft manager Berkun spends a year working at Automattic, the company behind blogging site WordPress, in this entertaining insig(...)