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It might not have been the first hot hatch, but the Volkswagen Golf GTi is undoubtedly the most iconic. It’s the symbol of youthful success; the racy (...)

New models aim to let Jaguar go on the hunt after its  German premium rivals

Jaguar Land Rover is betting the future of its Jaguar brand on a new family of entry-level luxury vehicles to challenge BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz. T(...)

You can’t beat hydrogen as a clean-tech fuel. When it burns to produce energy the only thing left behind is pure water – no chemicals, no particulates

The use of hydrogen as a general purpose transport fuel may have taken a step closer given a research announcement at Trinity College Dublin. Scientis(...)

The range of the i3 is between 130km and 160km on a full charge in the Comfort mode and a claimed 300km in the EcoPro+ mode.

It’s not often that a major car company risks its future by trying to change the world and challenge its customers to come with them.Mercedes-Benz hal(...)

European car sales fell to a 17-year low in June as record unemployment in the countries using the euro hurt demand at Fiat and Peugeot Citroen. Regis(...)

Several years after it took the hybrid technology route, Lexus now faces its biggest challenge to make that technology mainstream and convince buyers (...)

Audi’s first foray into the small saloon car market comes with the launch of its all-new A3 saloon. This format has always been a popular choice fo(...)

Maserati, the Italian maker of exotic cars driven by the likes of U2 frontman Bono and designer Ralph Lauren, is shifting its focus from the elite to (...)

A Ford Transit van, driven by a robotic autonomous device  at the automaker’s proving grounds in Michigan.

Picturing the scene is almost disturbingly easy. It will be all over the rolling 24-hour news channels when the day, inevitably, comes. The scrolling (...)

The Aston Martin Racing Vantage   during qualifying. Photograph: Getty Images

Each year thousands of petrolheads travel from all corners of the globe to descend on the French village of Le Mans, for what is arguably the world’s (...)

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