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As the majority of the world’s largest tech companies have their European headquarters in Ireland, the Irish Data Protection Commissioner will effectively have to regulate data issues for those companies’ operations throughout the EU

Sweeping reform of data protection law, approved by European Union officials last night, aims to subject companies to just one regulator. The so-ca(...)

Some 58 per cent of those aged 15-16 reported using the internet excessively

A major report published today on internet use among Irish children shows that, while they are rapidly developing their online skills, a higher pro(...)

Chief executive of, Doug Leeds, says the company’s new moderation team has introduced a number of changes including the assessment of unanswered questions on the site, as well as those flagged by users. Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill/The Irish Times

Ask. com, the parent company of social networking site, has announced the formation of a new Safety Advisory Board to help prevent online bully(...)