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Artomatix has developed artificial intelligence (AI) software technology that significantly cuts the cost of content creation for animated movies, video games and AR/VR applications through automation

Unity Technologies, a company with its headquarters in San Francisco with a $6 billion (€5.5 billion) market valuation, has emerged as the buyer of Ir(...)

Artomatix’s technology gives 3D artists the ability to speed up their workflow thanks to algorithms that can generate thousands of images based on the initial design and parameters that an artist provides

Artomatix, an Irish software company that has developed artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which can automate the creation of 3D content, has be(...)

Chief executive and founder of Overcast Philippe Brodeur with co-founder Zsolt Lorincz:  Vodafone Ireland  recently commissioned the company to stream VoD content directly to 35,000 household TVs.

The Republic of Ireland is a hotbed for multimedia technology and, with so many groundbreaking companies working in the space, has the potential to be(...)

From left: Nathan Misischi, Sam Green and Ciara Hennessy of Dockit. Photograph: Paul Sharp/SharpPix

Student accelerator programme Launchbox has kicked off with 10 new teams, with projects ranging from assistive care technology to booking platforms fo(...)

Eric Risser and Neal O’Gorman of Artomatix: their algorithm can generate thousands of images based on an  initial design

Dublin-based software firm Artomatix has closed a €2.1 million seed round with investors that include Enterprise Ireland. Artomatix, which employs 1(...)

Established by Iseult Ward and Aiobheann O’Brien, FoodCloud is one of many successful start-ups that have emerged from Trinity College

Trinity College has produced more entrepreneurs than any other university in Europe over the last five years, according to new independent research. T(...)

American Eric Risser and Kildare-born Neal O’Gorman of Artomatix: their algorithm can generate thousands of images based on the initial design and parameters that an artist provides, which can be useful in video game production

Dublin-based software firm Artomatix has reached the final stages of an international start-up competition run by technology website TechCrunch. Prev(...)

Eric Risser and Neal O’Gorman: “We want  artists focusing the majority of their time on being creative and leave our technology to work on the more mundane tasks – such as creating seamlessly tiling textures [realistic surfaces]”

Artomatix – run by Kildare-born Neal O’Gorman and American Eric Risser – had its first birthday at the end of March. Its first 12 months comprised (...)

Bungie’s sci-fi epic “Destiny”: Irish firm Havok’s software is used in the game

Vast arenas, countless characters, immersive music and some adherence to the laws of physics are the vital components of a modern AAA gaming title. Tr(...)

Trinity College Dublin is hoping that donations from the public through a new crowdfunding platform will help get three new businesses off the ground.

Fancy helping a company bring food businesses and charities together to reduce food waste? Or how about helping parents and children to communi(...)