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Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has admitted the State has obligations to protect the single market in a no-deal Brexit

European Council president Donald Tusk was aghast when he learned in 2015 of then-UK prime minister David Cameron’s pledge to give voters what he call(...)

Arizun managing director John McDaniel and director Cathal O’Leary: “Arizun will buy the mortgage from the bank and write off the mortgage debt plus arrears.” said Mr O’Leary.

Irish company Arizun believes it has come up with a solution to the problem of long-term mortgage arrears, one that will keep distressed borrowers in (...)

While mortgages in default, particularly early cases in arrears, have come down steadily in recent years, long-term arrears remain stubbornly high.  Photograph: Getty Images

Australian Fiona Arnold had no idea when she attended a party in Perth in February 1988 that she was about to meet her future husband, Sam, and follow(...)

Minister for Housing Simon Coveney. The Government this week overhauled an existing six-year-old mortgage-to-rent plan. Photograph: Eric Luke

An Irish company seeking to buy distressed loans under the State’s expanded “mortgage-to-rent” scheme is in talks with two lenders to acquire debt att(...)