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Did Santa bring some nice shiny tech toys this Christmas? Perhaps you’ve got a few old things lying around the house, surplus to requirements? Don’t j(...)

Revenues at Daft Media Limited rose from €7.6 million in 2015 in a trend that directors at the company said they expect to continue for the foreseeable future

The company behind recorded an 8 per cent jump in revenues to €8.2 million last year on the back of a recovery in the residential property sec(...)

Got a new smartphone or tablet for Christmas? Maybe it’s a replacement for the old one, which means it’s time to clear out some space. More than likel(...)

Distilled Media Group employed an average of 71 people during the period, down from 75 in 2012.

The company behind property website more than doubled its pre-tax profit to almost €1.7 million in 2013, accounts for Distilled Media Group Li(...)