8 Degrees

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8 Degrees: Hopsfume Brett IPA

“In the dawn haze the brewery lads were dreamy with hops fume . . .” The misty, dystopian setting of City of Bohane, a novel by Kevin Barry, has foun(...)

Total turnover of Irish craft beer producers in 2017 amounted to €44.3 million. Photograph: Tom Honan

There has been an explosion in the number of Irish craft breweries opening up over the past decade, with a vast and growing selection of beers now ava(...)

Flutes of Black Rock stout being served at the Long Table dinner in Dungarvan Brewery to celebrate Indie Beer Week

What’s the closest brewery to you? This is the week to find out – and drop in for a visit with more than 30 microbreweries opening their doors around (...)