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You’re right when you say that the UK system does allow you to back pay national insurance contributions but it is not an open-ended arrangement.

I lost my job during the financial crisis (mid-2009) and remained on the dole for the following year. As jobs were difficult to come by, I decided to (...)

The Pensions Commission report urges the Government to finally phase out yearly averaging so that we do not have two systems in operation and because it is more inequitable

My husband and I have both worked in the United States for at least 10 years (in his case) and 20 in mine. We have relocated back to Ireland and will (...)

A mere fiver boost to the pension every year will not transform the Government’s credibility with younger voters.

Publishing the landmark report of the Pensions Commission late on a day when the entire focus of the Government and the news headlines was on the fina(...)

Irish pensioners over the age of 70 are automatically entitled to a GP visit card.

We will be moving shortly from the UK to the west of Ireland. My husband is in receipt of a UK pension (and over 70 years of age) – and we still can’t(...)

A straightforward pro rata arrangement will come into play if you do not have the full 40 years of contributions.

I have a question about the new total contributions approach for State pension calculation. How exactly will it work? I understand that it will be bas(...)

As Tánaiste Leo Varadkar recently said, there will be tax measures aimed at “middle-income people in particular”, as well as a welfare package to offset the impact of the rising cost of living. Photograph:  Thomas Trutschel/Photothek/Getty

Public spending may have rocketed over the past 20 months due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic but it appears that tax cuts and welfare increase(...)

‘The time to start planning for your retirement is your first week at work,’ said Paul Kenny. Photograph: iStock

Workers are running the risk of losing out on State pension payments because they fail to apply in time. Former pensions ombudsman Paul Kenny said ma(...)

I have stopped working at 55 and I signed up to pay voluntary PRSI payments to protect my state pension rights. I don’t intend to work again but I hav(...)

‘We are in our 70s with two very old cars. We’d like to purchase one brand new car or very good newish secondhand car.’  Photograph: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

We are in our 70s with two very old cars. We’d like to purchase one brand new car or very good newish secondhand car. Could we borrow from the bank or(...)

The Government debated legislation to ensure  the state pension age remains at 66 until the  Pensions Commission concludes. Photograph: iStock

Young workers can no longer take it as a “given” that they will receive a state pension, Ireland’s chartered accountants have said. The warning comes(...)

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