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On an annual basis, prices are now 1.7 per cent higher than they were in May 2020. Photograph: iStock

(...) sitting in the bank earning nothing. For example, savings of €50,000 will be worth just €45,264.35 in(...)

‘If I decide to pay off the mortgage, will this have a positive or negative effect on my future borrowing power if I decide to return and live in Ireland?’ Photograph: iStock

I have been living away from Ireland for almost nine years. Over this time, I have built up savings(...)

The first rule of balancing your personal books is that you use any resources that come your way to pay off debt before investing in savings. Photograph: iStock

(...) to pay off debt before investing in savings. Like most rules, it is pretty grey: we invest in(...)

I have savings of €200,000 and am considering spending  €30,000 on a car. Photograph: iStock

I have substantial savings sitting in my bank account, approximately €200,000. I was hoping to(...)

If you have the money to buy a home, the Department of Social Protection / Intreo will consider that you do not need Jobseeker’s Allowance. File photograph: Getty

(...), your weekly payment will automatically be reduced to account for any additional savings or other(...)

In Ireland, both parties in  divorce are expected to try to hammer out terms of a settlement – financial and otherwise – governing their arrangements post any divorce. Photograph: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

(...) entitled to half his savings – I was a stay-at-home mum for most of our marriage. He has roughly €120(...)

You will almost always be paying more for a consumer loan than you will be getting by way of interest on your nest egg.

(...) euro with interest of 6.7 per cent. Would I be better to clear this loan now with savings I have(...)

Got change left over from your latte? Put it into a jar. Photograph: iStock

(...) building up a rainy day fund, or savings, for a specific reason when you don’t have very much spare cash(...)

Writing down financial goals may not mean you’ll actually achieve them, but it increases your chances of doing so.

(...). Bank of Ireland has a calculator which can help you work out your savings. Just remember to tell your(...)

(...), which could also be a revenue-raiser. Tax to fall on savings Taxes on savings have risen steadily over(...)

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