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The last government announced plans to increase the age of retirement to 67 next year and 68 in 2028, but it became a major issue during the general election campa.

(...) course”. The last government announced plans to increase the age of retirement to 67 next year and 68 in(...)

The study finds forcing some lower-earning individuals to save for retirement comes at a cost of lower living standards during their working life “when needs might be high, particularly in the presence of children”

People living alone are most at risk of poverty in retirement, according to a new study by the(...)

Reform of pensions has been excruciatingly slow for decades – perhaps because those in power and in the public service are best catered for in this area. Photograph: Getty Images

(...) private sector employers on more flexible retirement options has been noticeable by its absence. In place(...)

The pensions system is clearly inequitable and needs reform, but playing auction politics is not the answer. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

(...) retirement dates. Reintroducing a transition pension simply to make the problem disappear dodges the(...)

Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform Paschal Donohoe said private sector employers would be ‘encouraged’ to allow staff work beyond 65.

(...) fully aware thousands of people would fall into this limbo between employment and retirement income. So(...)

Only six in 10 Irish workers have some form of private pension savings, according to new data published by the Central Statistics Office

(...) start saving for retirement. The CSO figures show that fewer than one in five workers under the age of(...)

Some people prepare for retirement better than others.

Some people prepare for retirement better than others. While you may be fortunate enough to have(...)

On average, women will have €153 less a week in pension income to live on than men. That’s over €650 a month or almost €8,000 a year.

(...) stark relief just how poorly women in the workforce fare when it comes to retirement. The issues facing(...)

 Cary Grace, chief executive of Aon’s global retirement and investment business.  Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

(...)'s global retirement and investment business and has been listed about the 25 most powerful women in finance(...)

Whether you opt for an approved retirement fund (ARF) or an annuity might also be a factor of how much of a tax-free lump sum you can get

(...) your retirement fund when you become a pensioner, it’s time to knuckle down and consider your options(...)

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