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Wills and inheritance are a very emotional subject, as the postbag response to recent queries on this issue demonstrates

(...) will. Can either one or the other apply for probate? My sibling lived in the house with mum rent free(...)

The only will that has any legal authority is the most recent one properly drawn up and witnessed. Photograph: iStock

(...) will is only readily accessible following probate, earlier wills will not be available to you from the(...)

‘Did the bank breach data security by divulging details of the meeting I had with my branch to my brother-in-law, prompting their offer to buy me out?’ Photograph: iStock

(...) pending probate. The solicitor sent a letter outlining the amounts and timeframe etc and guaranteeing(...)

All wills eventually become publicly available in Ireland but not until probate has been granted. Photograph: iStock

(...) not until probate has been granted. In its simplest terms, a grant of probate is a legal process that(...)

Where there’s a will: an executor cannot be challenged for failure to move to settle the estate for the first 12 months after they have been appointed. This is called the executor’s year. Photograph: iStock

(...) before probate? Ms C.C., email The simple answer is no. There is no automatic entitlement to see a(...)

Ultimately, the valuation date is the date when the value of the property and assets is established.

(...) applying for probate it was valued at €200,000. This was two years ago. There were delays and frustrations(...)

Reader’s question: I have a joint account with my wife and approached AIB to query if funds might be held for legal process in the event in one of our deaths?

(...) there is no concern and the surviving partner will be exempted from the process of probate and other(...)

 Vodafone: The share price has been dropping recently. Photograph: REUTERS/Shailesh Andrade/files

(...) and we will not be able to transfer them into my father’s names in time to sell (delay in probate(...)