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The last government announced plans to increase the age of retirement to 67 next year and 68 in 2028, but it became a major issue during the general election campa.

The state pension age will not rise to 67 next January, the Minister for Public Expenditure and(...)

The share of the population aged over 65 is forecast to increase from 14 per cent in 2020 to 27 per cent by 2050.

During this pandemic the Government must not ignore the urgent need for pension reform. After(...)

A new system of calculating eligibility for the State pension is due to come in over the next couple of years. Photograph:  Daragh Mac Sweeney/Provision

(...) pension scheme arrangements or is it still possible to select the average pension scheme arrangements? I(...)

Credit card debt is expensive. If you’ve built up credit-card debt, you need to get it under control before doing anything else. Photograph: Getty Images

(...) product too, as this can eat into your returns. Plump your pension Pensions. I know. Yawn. But here(...)

The Connect trade union, which represents the craft workers concerned, said its members at Pfizer’s Ringaskiddy plant had rejected the proposals ‘quite decisively’. Photograph: Getty Images

(...) reform the company’s pension plan. Craft workers at the bulk pharmaceutical operation rejected proposals(...)

By a wide margin – 27%   compared to an overall average of 12%  – Irish bosses are more likely to consider adequate retirement income for workers to be the responsibility of the government

(...) their pension plans or the likelihood of them delivering an adequate pension. State Street’s 2019(...)

No final decision has been made regarding the number of years for a full State pension. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

(...) establish any decision regarding the number of years for a full (State) pension, it was always said no(...)

If someone rents out a property, Revenue will assume that it is being done at the market rate for the property’s area. Photograph: Kate Geraghty

(...) in 1996 and which is derelict for 20 years. He is 62, nearly pension age but does not want to rent it(...)

Tony Lawless, left, managing director of corporate business at Irish Life. “Our message to Government is ‘seize the moment’,” Mr Lawless says

Affordability is less of an issue for pension savers, according to a new study by Irish Life, but a(...)

 Cary Grace, chief executive of Aon’s global retirement and investment business.  Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

(...) enough money saved to live with reasonable comfort when their pension kicks in. “I’ve already flown 65(...)

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