Undeclared foreign property could land you in big trouble with both the tax authorities and the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.

Over eight years ago, some property was inherited by people residing in Ireland who, at the time, were in receipt of social welfare. This property in (...)

“Revenue strongly encourages anyone in receipt of dividends . . . to ensure that they have declared this income to Revenue and, if they have not done so, to make a disclosure of the foreign income to Revenue before 5.30pm on Thursday.”

PAYE taxpayers who hold shares in foreign companies face a last minute rush to regularise their affairs with Revenue ahead of a clampdown on offshore (...)

A Revenue official says initial information from the US under new arrangements for the exchange of tax information shows a number of PAYE taxpayers have outstanding tax issues

Thousands of PAYE workers may be caught unawares in a Revenue clampdown on offshore assets. Revenue posted letters earlier this year to more than 5(...)

Under Irish tax law a person who is tax resident here but not domiciled in Ireland pays tax only on their earnings here and on any assets they buy and sell in this country

I’m working in Dublin for the last year while my husband (who was working here earlier) is currently living and employed in India. While we don’t hav(...)

After May 1st, Revenue has said that failure to disclose and pay tax due on foreign income and assets will be seen as an act of deliberate tax evasion

Taxpayers with offshore assets have been warned not to try to avoid disclosure to the Revenue ahead of a deadline next Monday. The tax authorities ha(...)

Aside from the investment gain, there is no problem moving the money from the UAE fund  to Ireland to use as a down payment on a property and no additional taxes will apply when you transfer the funds to Ireland. Photograph: Steve Crisp/Reuters

We lived in the United Arab Emirates for 14 years until 2014 and had invested in a fund. Since moving to Ireland, we have not paid into the fund. Now (...)

Will a man living in Ireland but with assets in, and a pension  from, the UK – and  who pays tax to HMRC – be included in any offshore investigation by Ireland’s Revenue?

You have been writing recently about Revenue’s clampdown on offshore assets. I am a pensioner living in Ireland after a lifetime working in Britain, w(...)

Nabawi Mosque in Medina, Saudi Arabia: moving back to Ireland after 17 years in the country. Photograph: iStock

I am Irish citizen who has worked in Saudi Arabia for the last 17 years. I will return to live in Ireland on December 1st. I have offshore bank acco(...)

Tax authorities in different countries are now working much more closely with each other. The Irish Revenue will receive any details about Irish taxpayers that is held by tax authorities in most other countries

Given all the recent talk about a Revenue clampdown on offshore assets could you please clarify what should be declared and how to do so? I am a PAY(...)

 Minister for Finance Michael Noonan: Tax evaders have been given six months to get their affairs in order in relation to offshore assets under the Finance Bill. The measure is likely to lead to a cash windfall for the Revenue between now and the end of April next year. Photograph: Barbara Lindberg

Tax evaders have been given six months to get their affairs in order in relation to offshore assets under the Finance Bill. The measure is likely to(...)