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Whether it’s lethargy or loyalty, fear or loathing, too few of us switch mortgage. Photograph: iStock

Switching your mortgage can seem like a pain. It was hard enough to get it in the first place(...)

Fair Deal is a system of financial support put in place to help cover the cost of private nursing home care in a State where there is very limited public nursing home provision.

(...), it should not be difficult to persuade a lender to offer a 22.5 per cent mortgage on the property(...)

Given the current turbulence and the lower rates, I’d go for a fixed rate. Photograph: Thierry Roge

My daughter just got mortgage approval despite the Covid-19 crisis. She is lucky to have a(...)

There might be fewer than 6,000 homes available to those using the help-to-buy scheme this year

(...) have to secure a mortgage. The rules limiting that to 3.5 times earnings are still in place as is the(...)

I have savings of €200,000 and am considering spending  €30,000 on a car. Photograph: iStock

(...) put the majority towards purchasing a house with a mortgage of €300,000. However, I need to purchase(...)

Assuming you are on a variable rate, there is absolutely nothing to stop you paying off the mortgage in full whenever it suits you

I currently have a mortgage outstanding with one of the top five banks in Ireland. I have been(...)

Regardless of what you have agreed to pay for your new home, the bank will get a professional valuer to value the property. Photograph: Getty

(...) mortgage had been agreed in principle at the end of last July, more than six months previously. This(...)

The bodies representing valuers say though they are adding a Covid-related clause to valuations, they are not altering values based on the virus.

Getting a mortgage can be stressful at the best of times. Add a pandemic and things ratchet up(...)

“ I work in hospitality and am temporarily laid off till such time as the business is back up and running.”

My wife and I were due to apply for a mortgage but as the pandemic struck we are of course unable(...)

Your parents could gift you up to €335,000 in assets without any worries over tax. It would mean that you would have to pay tax on any subsequent inheritance from them but that is not such an issue

(...) gift it to us as our chances of getting a mortgage are non-existent. We can still pay rent as if it(...)

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