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There’s the  ‘Wagner meeting’ (of epic length), the ‘mushroom meeting’ (appears suddenly, multiplies rapidly) and the ‘Stonehenge meeting’ (it’s been a fixture for ages but nobody knows why). Photograph: iStock

(...) panicked. Then I realised that, with all the meetings gone, I was free to do some real work. I know I(...)

Meetings should start with a clear purpose and end with the clear allocation of tasks. Photograph: Getty Images

(...) quote is attributed to that wise old sage, Anonymous, and it’s apposite. Most meetings go on for too(...)

Meeting: when you raise an issue or ask a question, make sure it’s resolved before shifting to another topic

(...) are five ways that meetings typically go off topic, and how to prevent each one. 1 Not getting on(...)

At meetings you need to be open to differences of opinion

(...) rebellion by making meetings “rubber stamp” events where everything has been decided beforehand and there(...)

A survey carried out by Viking in Ireland found half of employees said up to 30 minutes of every team meeting were wasted. A UK survey found office workers believed more than a third of all meetings they attended were pointless.

Are meetings a necessary evil or a huge waste of time? When you’re caught up in them day after day(...)