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The pandemic has fuelled a lack of camaraderie, but research suggests putting everyone back in the office again won’t entirely fix the problem.

(...) done? Mortensen and Hadley say the first thing to do is assess whether loneliness exists. If it does(...)

Senior executives are given limited and filtered information about their operations, employees and customers. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The loneliness that often comes with being a chief executive or company boss may seem like a small(...)

With a full recovery in days or weeks, most patients with Broken Heart syndrome experience a happy ending.

(...) to the severity of loneliness and depth of desolation felt by those for whom a close relationship has(...)

(...). The real point I want to make is that when it comes to connection, loneliness and belonging, it’s all(...)

Research shows that feelings of loneliness increase risk of death by 26 per cent, lack of social connections increases risk of death by 29 per cent and living alone increases risk of death by 32 per cent. Photograph: Thinkstock

Young University, based on considerable research. Her most recent paper, a meta-analysis of loneliness(...)