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(...) eliminate the alteration.” Prof Just said his team used a machine learning mathematical algorithm (software(...)

Almost two-thirds of female founded start-ups are less than five years

(...) female-led companies operating in segments such as machine learning as “a drop in the ocean”. “While(...)

Replika is better than most other chatbots I have tried out in the past, so it is probably only a matter of time before the gap is bridged and we can have reasonably fluid conversations with machines. Photograph: iStock

(...) much as social media platforms – in combination with the advancement of AI and machine learning in(...)

Ray Kurzweil’s prediction rate has been rated 86 per cent accurate to date

(...)-selling books outlining the future of artificial intelligence. He has made 147 predictions on the future of(...)

Dr Gill Pratt: “If you take the driving manual and you follow those rules precisely, you’ll often get into situations where your car will get stuck and not make any progress at all. So how do you figure that out?”

(...) with mapping out a future for the Japanese car giant in the age of auto industry revolution. His job is(...)

Head of Dell’s new IoT division Ray O’Far: “We’ve made a business out of storing and processing the world’s most valuable data.”

(...) that specialises in machine learning for IT operations, jumped right in by reminding us of the(...)

ESB Networks

(...) 90 years but the future will see a mix of solutions Work on connecting and integrating renewable(...)

Olwyn Alexander has taken up the role of global asset and wealth management leader becoming the first woman and Irish person to do so.

(...) winners will be those who are at the forefront of technological advances such as blockchain, machine(...)

Mark Stevenson: “The Irish are very good at teamwork, laughing at themselves, making mistakes and moving on and being empathetic”

(...) type of primary “school for the future” in Brighton. “The fact that most kids think learning is a chore(...)

Veritas, which deals in multi-cloud data management, will create 250 new jobs.

(...) analytics, machine learning and cloud data protection to our team in Ireland. “We also believe in nurturing(...)

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