You can be treated as a first-time buyer by Revenue even if your spouse or partner owns a home, but it’s not easy. Photograph: iStock

My partner owns the house we currently live in. He owned the house before we met. I have never owned a house of my own. Would I be treated as a first-(...)

Buying a second home, in the country. First-time buyers status is useful in two ways: it qualifies you for Help-to-Buy and it gives you a little more wriggle room under Central Bank lending rules.

My wife and I live and work in Dublin and own a house. Like a lot of people recently we are entertaining the idea of a second home in the countryside (...)

Figures this week confirm again that first-time buyers account for just over half of all mortgage business. But behind the numbers is a depressing reality

If there has been one common refrain among all political parties in the election campaign, it has been the plight of the first-time buyer. Locked ou(...)

‘Do I qualify as a first-time buyer?’ Photograph: Getty Images/iStock

I’m 34 years old running my own business. When I was 20 my father and uncle purchased an investment property. I had received a claim at the time and p(...)

Haven Mortgages is prepared to consider such cases. Photograph: Alan Betson

Last week, we had a letter from a woman who was checking to see if there was any way she, who has never owned a property, could avail of first-time bu(...)

Is there any way a married person can independently apply for a mortgage? Photograph: iStock

In a piece last year on – Youthful purchase abroad disbars couple from first-time buyer status – you mention the only way around is for the non-proper(...)

The introduction of Help To Buy and an overall rise in development means first-time buyers  have more choice now than they would have had in the recent past, and bidding isn’t as frenzied

They are aged about 34, earning about €69,000 if they live outside of Dublin, and €81,000 in the capital, and looking to buy a new home in Dublin 15, (...)

It may be the house of your dreams but you are a first-time buyer only once.

I was wondering if you could shed some light on the possible implications of a property purchase that I am intending to make. I am aware that, broadl(...)

There is no turning the clock back on first-time buyer status

I was married but separated eight years ago. My ex-wife and I took out a mortgage to completely renovate our home, which had been left to my ex-wife b(...)

Home purchase is one of the biggest investments in our lives. Photograph: Getty

I lived in UK for a few years studying and then working. In 2010 I jointly bought a house with my girlfriend. We sold it in 2013 to come home. I’m now(...)

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